Say hello to the iPhone 7!

After weeks of waiting, Apple has finally launched it’s latest flagship phone – the iPhone 7.

The geeks at Apple are pretty proud of their achievement. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage last week in San Francisco saying, ‘We have created the world’s most advanced smartphone – the best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7′.

It’s got tons of great new features – like a moulded camera bump, a waterproof coating and wireless headphones. But these developments come at a price. The smaller model starts at £599, or way over £40 a month with a hefty upfront cost.

Now we know what you’re thinking… what exactly makes this iPhone so much better than all the other smart phones out there?

Well, we started thinking of things we would like to see from the iPhone 7 – and after a quick survey around the office, we’ve chosen our top seven features that would make the iPhone 7 worth a million dollars! They may be a bit wacky and far-fetched, but you never know what could happen in the future!


1. Teleportation 

This is high on everyone’s priority list. Just type your destination into GoogleMaps, and your phone will take you there in an instant!

2. Regeneration

How many times have you cracked your phone screen? Well not any more! We want the new iPhone to heal itself on demand!

3. Be your clone 

Your phone is already loaded with all your personal details, photos and memories, so why can’t it just be you? If the iPhone 7 could become your clone, you could make it do all your chores for you. Clean the house… go to meetings… have lunch with your mother-in-law… the possibilities are endless!

4. Colour changing qualities

There’s nothing worse than having mis-matched accessories, so switch-up your colour scheme with the iPhone 7. It changes colour according to your outfit – just take a quick selfie and the phone will automatically match your look!

5. See into the future

We know there are already horoscope apps, but we want the iPhone to give us really helpful predictions. Maybe Siri could give us a round up of the upcoming year, or the phone could vibrate if we’re about to make an unlucky decision…

6. Beautify me

There are Instagram filters and SnapChat lenses to take great selfies, but what about real life? The new iPhone 7 can airbrush you throughout the day, so you always look picture perfect!

7. Be our personal chef

JustEat, Deliveroo and HungryHouse already bring food to your door, but we don’t want to pay a premium for the privilege. The iPhone 7 will cook delicious meals for all your family – and it doesn’t cost a penny!

Check out the real best bits of the iPhone 7 here.

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