7 reasons to use an eportfolio for higher apprenticeships

Higher apprenticeships are new to us all.

If you’re used to delivering traditional degrees, the switch to higher apprenticeships can be a bit of a shock to the system. But there’s no need to worry – using an effective eportfolio and VLE will make the entire process easy to manage.

Take a look at our top 7 reasons to use an eportfolio for higher apprenticeships:


Higher apprentices spend 90% of their time on the job, so remote access to learning is vital. With an eportfolio and VLE, apprentices can access all the learning resources and training tools they need – anytime, anywhere, on any device. This means apprentices won’t have to waste time travelling to and from campus, they can study online, gather evidence and submit coursework wherever they are.


Eportfolio systems have robust security features so data cannot be lost, stolen or modified. Assignments are stored online, fully encrypted and verified using auditable electronic signatures. 


HEIs are responsible for quality assurance at every stage of the apprenticeship – from designing standards to external moderation even though only 20% of the programme is delivered at university. With an eportfolio, the full audit trail is recorded online and visible to managers, tutors and QAs – making quality assurance easy to track, manage and maintain. 


Many eportfolios and VLEs can be used anytime, anywhere – allowing users to work remotely. This is ideal for higher apprentices who spend most of their time in the workplace. Apprentices can study wherever they are, and tutors can track progress and send feedback without having to travel


As higher apprentices work remotely, printing, paper, storage and travel costs could run into the thousands – but not with the right technology at your fingertips. If you use an eportfolio you won’t have to print off reading lists, post assignments or store huge folders – everything is available online. 


Higher apprenticeships are split between on- and off-the-job training – either in the workplace or on campus. This means employers and HEIs need to work together to deliver to deliver the standards. With an eportfolio and VLE, all users can communicate online so collaboration is easy. You can send messages, feedback or support instantly, or arrange Skype meetings to communicate face-to-face. This saves time and ensures apprentices receive well-rounded support when they need it.


Apprentices using eportfolios rather than paper-based portfolios are more engaged in their academic study and workplace learning, helping them achieve higher degree classifications. 

At OneFile, our eportfolio has a built-in VLE, so it’s ideal for delivering higher apprenticeships. In fact, it’s been specifically designed to manage apprenticeships, encourage collaboration, track compliance and keep learners engaged. And it delivers huge benefits to all users. To see how OneFile can make a difference in your organisation, download our factsheet

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