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At OneFile, our in-house standards team builds bespoke standards to suit your centre.

We also have hundreds of standards already uploaded onto our system, so they’re ready to go when you are!

To request an apprenticeship standard, regulated qualification or bespoke learning aim, click on the relevant link below and fill in the online form. When we’ve received your request, a member of our in-house team will get back to you within 12 business hours to confirm your order.


An apprenticeship standard is one of the new apprenticeship qualifications written by trailblazers. It consists of a two-page standard and an assessment plan. If the qualification you’d like to request doesn’t fit this criteria, please select one of the other options below.

Request an apprenticeship standard


A regulated qualification is a qualification created by an awarding body containing units and criteria. You should have a handbook and unit specification that outlines the criteria required for the qualification, which can be part of a framework, NVQ, RQF, BTEC or another certificated qualification. You’ll be asked to submit this document on the following page, so please ensure you have this ready before submitting the form.

Request a regulated qualification


A bespoke qualification is one that has been created by you or someone at your centre. It can be a bespoke section of a regulated qualification, one that you’ve created entirely like an induction module, or a tick-box to say that a milestone has been completed, like an external test.

Request a bespoke qualification