OneFile assessment plan upgrades

May 8, 2017

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Assessment plans upgrade


Our team have been hard at work devising ways to make assessment plans easier for you to create and your learners to complete. To ensure you’re getting the best experience of using OneFile, this August we’ll be moving all of our customers on to the latest version of assessment plans.

So that we can focus our efforts on ensuring that this feature works as well as it can before then, we’re no longer supporting the first version of assessment plans.

This means that we won’t be able to provide bug fixes or technical support for any issues reported on the first version of assessment plans.

Don’t worry! Both of the upgraded versions are still supported, and you can upgrade to these for free as soon as you’re ready. It’s super easy to check which assessment plan version you’re currently working on. Just go to your Settings, scroll down to Upgrades, and see if either of the upgrade features options have a blue ‘Upgrade Now’ button next to them. If both ‘Upgrade Now’ buttons are visible, you’re using the first version.

Both of the upgraded versions are still supported, so if you can see one or both options as ‘Upgraded’, our technical support team is available to discuss any issues you might be experiencing with your assessment plans.

If you’d like to upgrade in the meantime, simply click the ‘Upgrade Now’ buttons (you’ll need to click the top one first) to see what you’ve been missing!

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