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April 13, 2017

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Our legacy features are changing 

In the past, we’ve left it up to individual users to decide which new features they want to switch on or off. This means we’ve ended up retaining multiple versions of legacy features for users who prefer sticking with what they know.

As technology is changing, we’d like to help customers use all our new functions and keep the software fresh and slick. The new features include fresh icons, new visual themes, advanced functions and improved assessment plans. You’ll be able to do everything you used to do; it’ll just be easier and quicker than before.

There are two upgrades available for assessment plans – you must complete the first upgrade before you can move onto the next.



This new feature makes planning even quicker.

You can also:

  • Set start and due dates for tasks
  • Specify which user starts each task (includes employers)
  • Create ‘activity’ tasks
  • Future planned assessments have been removed



This update has a new design to help you create assessment plan tasks.

You can:

  • Attach learning resources to tasks
  • Pre-populate criteria on an assessment
  • View learning resources on assessments created from the assessment plan
  • Improved design of tasks on the assessment plan


The changes will happen automatically in August, so we recommend letting your staff know as soon as possible. You can even start updating your settings now.

Just go to your centre settings and enter the upgrade area to get started!


Help is on its way! 

Our experts are hosting a series of webinars to help you update your centre – sign up here. Or check out our YouTube videos to see the updates in action.

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