Record off the job training 20% with OneFile

May 3, 2017

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Record off-the-job training

The new apprenticeship standards are now in place across all apprenticeship providers in England, including the requirement for 20% of the learner’s training to be off-the-job.

We’ve developed our timesheet feature so apprentices can track their off-the-job training within their eportfolio. They can input their learning activity, where it took place, how long it took and a description to evidence their work. Employers can also report on the activity to monitor how their apprentices are progressing.

This is a default feature so you won’t need to opt-in, but you can switch it off if you like. You’ll also find a new ‘off-the-job’ column in the Timesheets report.


New reports

We’ve also added four new reports to our suite:

  • ILP
  • Progress by month
  • Committed licenses
  • Learners by employer


To find out more, sign up to a free webinar with one of our eportfolio experts. They’ll show you around the system and explain how OneFile can help you manage your apprenticeship delivery.

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